At The Candid Canine, I'm here to teach you everything you need to know to train your dog for the rest of its life. I believe that teaching dog owners to work with their animals through positive techniques strengthens the bond between family and pet, and creates an environment in which the dog will continue to learn and improve long after my sessions with you have been completed.

Traditional dog training techniques are often harsh and founded in assuming a need for constant control. But science is learning that humans and dogs have a bond like no other. We're learning that since the beginning of domestication, we've actually evolved with our dogs to have a unique level of inter-species communication. Your dog really is your best friend, on a genetic level. My teaching techniques are rooted in the philosophy that training your dog can strengthen that organic bond and foster trust, love, and mutual understanding. 

My training doesn't just teach you how to train behaviors; I also work with you to learn to read your dog's body language, explain to you the evolutionary drives behind her daily behavior, and help you understand what your dog needs from you to help him behave. Once I've shown you how to communicate with your furry family member, we can teach your dog anything! 

I offer a full array of pet-related services: animal training, dog walking, and overnight pet care & training packages. I also offer my clients pet-related services that often have to be worked into a busy schedule, such as transport to the vet or grooming salon, and picking up pet supplies. 

Located out of Cambridge, I come to your home for all consultations, training sessions, and walks. This ensures that your dog will be as comfortable and focused as possible in a familiar environment in order to optimize our session time.