Teaching You To Teach Your Dog

Dog Walking


  • $30 per 30 minute walk
  • $65 per 1 hour walk
  • +$15 for training during the walks
  • Distance charges may apply in some cases

Do you want a dog walker that does more than just march around the block? Who helps your dog learn to behave appropriately on leash while engaging their brain? Walks with the Candid Canine wear your dog out both physically and mentally. Rachel is available seven days a week to help take care of your dog while you're away. Walks always involve plenty of time for your dog to sniff and investigate the environment as well as aerobic exercise. Adjustments for injured, elderly or special dogs are no problem!

If you'd like your dog to work on a specific behavior while being walked, Rachel is happy to accommodate it! Dogs can work on their loose-leash walking skills or polite greeting behavior with dogs or other people, or proof other obedience cues in more distracting environments than the home. If you choose to have training on your walks, Rachel will set up a time with you each week to go over what your pup has been learning and transfer the behavior over to you.