Teaching You To Teach Your Dog


Clients Have Said...

4/19/2016 - Jill O

"Rachel is an expert in canine behavior and science based training.  She teaches you how to work with your dog and can explain the basis for training methods.  Using positive reinforcement, working with Rachel helps to build an excellent relationship with your puppy or dog.  Her training has been invaluable for my 10 month old rescue puppy who'd been abused and was terrified of people.  I highly recommend the Candid Canine for any dog behavior or training needs!" 

4/18/2016 - Marianne T

"Rachel dog-sat for me over a holiday weekend, and my dog could not have been happier with her company and care. I appreciated her willingness to carry him up and down stairs while he was recuperating from a back injury, as well as her expertise on ways to engage his brain since his body wasn't up to much walking or playing. Rachel showed me how to do scent training with my dog so he could both slow down his eating (one of the few things he really enjoyed while recuperating) and learn to use his brain and nose more productively. In addition to taking great care of my dog, Rachel alerted me to some safety issues with my condo building that I was able to resolve upon my return. I came home to a calm, well-loved, and happy dog -- not always the case when a new person stays with him. I would be happy to hire Rachel again."