Teaching You To Teach Your Dog

Training Sessions

My Training Philosophy

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I feel very strongly that my clients should learn why the training techniques I'm teaching them are effective as they're learning to apply them. My training style is informed by the most current research in canine cognition, animal behavior, and learning theory, and my goal is to make sure we're working with your dog in a way it will understand by taking all that complicated current science and translating it into simple practical applications. The better you understand how your dog learns, the more effective you'll be as a trainer - and you'll be able to continue to apply that skill set to new training challenges that occur in the future.

I believe in the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) approach to behavior modification and animal training - which basically means that I support training that prioritizes the comfort of the animal I'm working with. Working with LIMA protocols involves finding the training method that is most comfortable and enjoyable for each specific dog in each new situation, even if that means putting in extra effort or taking a little bit longer to accomplish certain goals. Working with an animal in a training situation is really a type of relationship-building; focusing on creating the best experience possible allows your dog learn at their own page an encourages a training relationship the animal genuinely wants to engage in. 

I teach you to use the techniques of positive reinforcement, counter-conditioning and clicker training to communicate clearly and humanely with your dog. All of these are scientifically-backed styles of training that work by rewarding the animal for offering you the desired behavior and by replacing negative or unwanted behaviors with something you'd prefer your dog to do instead. By removing punishment and harsh equipment from the skill set I teach you, the dogs I work with eagerly engage with their owners to accomplish desired behaviors and truly love their training experience.


  • Intake session - $75
    • Generally an 1 1/2 hours long
    • +$10 per additional dog
  • Training Sessions (post-intake) - $65
  • Each additional dog per session - $10
  • Travel surcharge may apply in some cases.